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2011-03-12 13:39:48 by revabe



2010-02-03 22:22:55 by revabe

Finally I've been able to submit somthing to newgrounds! Woot! After posting for a couple years I can finally be critizised! Yay!


2010-01-31 13:05:21 by revabe

Was thinking of submitting art but I cant figure out how to make it smaller after I scan it...


2009-10-22 11:54:01 by revabe

Having fun? I am! I went to a halloween party as mario! Had alot to drink and eventually I started acting a little toomuch like him...


2009-07-02 23:20:26 by revabe

Alot of the achievements for games are not working and It doesnt seem to let me get ones I earn....

The fury of it all

2009-03-14 23:30:13 by revabe

My computer crashed today not happy at all!
It wasn't just once though it was 3 times.

The fury of it all